Sidera means a star

Sidera, which in the Latin language means “star”, was established due to its founder’s desire to join her longstanding work in the media with her flair for creativity, to upgrade it with her values and connect it with the brands she believes in. In the years of operation, other colleagues and clients in various fields have joined her. Sidera still does not wish to work pompously; it wishes to work honestly and to develop strong relationships that last. Sidera is a philosophy of how something beautiful and meaningful becomes efficient and reaches the right ears. Sidera wants to be a partner that listens, feels and mainly, it wants to be a partner that executes from the first step to the final success.

Public Relations

We love working thoroughly and with great pleasure we take a small part of your story. Therefore, we offer everything your company needs to impress others in media market. We prepare a communication strategy, create stories and essential messages and deliver them to selected target groups.

Event Organisation

We offer the planning and execution of events that have significant influence on the establishment of companies and their presence in media. We organise press conferences, openings, brand launches, business meetings and conferences. Additionally, we offer services of occasional or long-term promotional activities in the field.

Media Appearance

Let your work become visible and recognizable exactly there, where your existing or potential clients are. A set of or the help in choosing the appropriate media channels, content marketing, leasing of advertising space, creative design and the execution of advertising campaigns is what we offer.

Social Networks

We offer a complete management of brands on social networks, creative content design as well as management of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat accounts. We also remind you of blogs, vlogs, forums and other sites on the internet where your target public is looking for its place.

Complete Establishment of Companies

Due to our experience with clients, we have an insight into the resource management in companies. A company’s image is also established by the attitude towards the employees, the local community, clients and partners. We offer strategic or individual guidance, complete trainings of various soft skills and organisation of business events.

Power of Influential Individuals

Not only the media, but also opinion presenters, role models, bloggers, athletes and musicians promote your public image. With excellent experience as an ambassador and with considerable experience of media appearances, we choose the right messenger for you, the one who will make your brand fresh in the media market.